Protein Manufacturing: Recombinant Protein Production

More than 35-years track record in GMP production of proteins

With a 35 years track record and exceptional amount of experience in GMP-compliant manufacture of biopharmaceutical products we gained substantial experience in the development and manufacture of different product types that include recombinant proteins and peptides and antibody-like scaffolds, including but not limited to VHH and Nanobodies or Fab-fragments, and enzymes.


CDMO partner from Clinical trial to commercial supply of protein products

Recombinant proteins manufactured

At Richter-Helm, our recombinant protein production capabilities either start from scratch or we transfer your existing protocols. We offer cell line development up to process development or optimization as well as customized analytical testing including assay development and product-specific quality control analytical services.


From gene of interest to product, we flexibly manufacture your target molecule

Partner of choice for manufacture of proteins


Flexibility makes the difference.

Richter Helm production facility for Plasmid DNA production

The GMP manufacturing capacity at our two advanced facilities ranges from 10 L to 1,500 L and includes end-to-end services along the whole value chain.

Know your molecule

In addition to the assays listed, we provide further assays and custom developed procedures to meet your requirements.

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We as a microbial CDMO support you from the beginning and define the project goals and work needed for each and every step. Technical know-how, transparent communication and project management are our strength to build a strong and long lasting partnership.

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Close-up of a DNA double helix

35 years of experience with pDNA projects. Audited by major authorities including but not limited to FDA, EMA, PMDA.

The product types manufactured with microbial expression systems at Richter-Helm BioLogics include recombinant proteins and peptides, antibody-like scaffolds (VHH/Nanobodies, Fab-fragments), plasmid DNA, and bacterial vaccines.

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