COVID-19 – Richter-Helm Biologics

Richter-Helm supports the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 challenges the world and lifes around the globe. At Richter-Helm every single employee is working hard to provide our customers worldwide with the services they need ensuring business continuity. Together we ensure the continuity of production and analytical testing activities at all our operation sites (Bovenau, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany). 

The well-being of our employees and our customers is very important to us.

We have taken precautions to our employees health and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 affecting our daily business and organization. We have implemented systems, guidelines and protocols to protect our employees. The management of Richter-Helm is continuously assessing the situation, and – in line with governmental and regional regulations – defining and implementing measures to have full supply continuity together with maximum safety for everybody. To date, no major issues have arisen.

How we protect our employees

  • Hygiene training was refreshed additionally to the regular retraining programme; special focus on avoidance of infection and proper hand hygiene
  • Employees who are able to work from home office are working remote; necessary on site activities are ensured and in parallel the risk of putative infection is minimized.
  • Employees returning from risk areas or travelled by plane are obliged to stay at home after return
  • Employees  potentially have been in contact with infected people are obliged to stay at home 
  • Presence of external people at RHB sites is reduced to the absolute necessary minimum; supply continuity enabling externals such as shipments or immediate repairs are allowed, all activities which can be postponed are postponed
  • Travelling of RHB staff between the three operational sites is restricted, travels to external companies is completely postponed 
  • People are asked and encouraged to reduce risk by private activities to a necessary minimum



How we ensure smooth and continuous production operations

  • By close exchange with suppliers it is aimed to keep up sufficient supply with materials critical for manufacturing and analytical activities (e. g. raw materials, disinfectants and clean room clothing)
  • Backup solutions are evaluated for the case supply comes down
  • Continuous assessment of potential effects on product supply continuity to our customers, regular communication via project management